It’s no secret that the coffee supply chain is a
male-dominated one. But did you know that at least 70% of the work that goes into producing coffee is carried out by women?


They are the pickers, sorters, the labourers. They are rarely the decision makers or the business owners and we seldom hear about the amazing hard work these women do.
We think it’s about time things changed!

From day dot we have tried to tackle this issue head-on, making championing and celebrating these incredible women and their stories our core priority.

We do this by sourcing our coffees specifically and exclusively from women producers, seeking out those coffees that are creating positive change through the empowerment of women.

As we all know, that, when women are provided with the opportunity to be the boss, great things happen and we think that’s worth shouting about!

At GWGC we do things a little differently. We do not cup our coffees blindly and base them solely on what we taste in the cup. We first and foremost, seek out those changemakers we talked about up there. We believe that specialty coffee relies not only on women’s empowerment but on the investment in relationships that in turn can help foster quality.

We work with like-minded, small-scale importers, producer-roaster platforms, and directly with producers. We don’t rely on one method of finding coffees - that would be silly.
We work with importers who offer transparency, traceability and who are fully committed to establishing long term partnerships with producers.

With other coffees we have worked directly with the producers to agree on a price and to figure out how to get the coffee to us.

The most important thing for us, is that female coffee producers are provided access to the specialty coffee market. Where possible, we help with this access through facilitating introductions to importers or other platforms.

Come taste the nectar of our collective hard work and you too can be an integral part of the movement that is, supporting women in coffee 💪🖤✊