finca san antonio amatepec
boza sisters!

we are so incredibly excited to be sharing this triptych of coffees from finca san antonio amatepec. a coffee farm operating since 1970 in El Salvador.

with a focus on shade grown specialty coffee production through sustainable methods and a continued focus on a commitment to the care of the environment and the development of the local community.

the farm has, For the third time, been certified by Rainforest Alliance and hold a rating of 95.75% on average!

now run by three sisters: Alexandra, Daniella, and Karla (in order from eldest to youngest), Who grew up going to the farm every other weekend but were not really involved with the day to day activities. Part of this, they believe, had to do with their gender.

Women are not generally involved in leading a farm so were not ever taught how to do so. Since the 1970s, finca san antonio amatepec was run soley by the sister’s father carlos.

However with time, and as their father aged and realising there was not going to be a son/man to take over the farm after him, the ladies had to become more involved. the sisters realised that they would have to split the work with their father and have become increasingly involved over the last few years.

they started to attend workshops on coffee farming, coffee plagues, and have even taken gardening courses in order to better understand how to look after the farm, now visiting the farm not to relax, but to work.

the sisters oversaw the new implementations of different Rainforest Alliance strategies, looked after the harvest, and managed more of the marketing and relationship building with buyers. Most importantly, this year they finally took the necessary steps to process their coffee independently. they believe that this has been the most important change for their farm in the last few years - and if it were not for their encouragement and support their father would have never taken the jump as this is a very risky but important move for coffee producers to make.

karla says “we have basically received a crash course on how to look after a farm, but of course, we have a long way to go. We have all realised how important it is for us to look after this space, as it has been so meaningful not only to us but to the local community as well”.

we are so proud and in awe of the amazing things these 3 ladies have achieved. carving a path for themselves and inspiring the next generation of coffee producers!

sisters are doin it for themselves!