Finca La Plata is run by fierce coffee boss Cynthia LaRue who's back story is simply amazing. 

Cynthia's family had to flee during the revolution in Nicaragua and after setting up their life in the US, no one wanted to return to their former home. 

The youngest of her family, Cynthia held on to the memories of her childhood on the farm so as soon as the revolution was over she went back, alone, to claim it back having to remove people off the land and track down the previous staff who had run the farm. 

Together they built it back up to its former glory and now Cynthia is a successful coffee producer, producing high quality, sublime tasting specialty coffee. 

Cynthia LaRue is part of the fifth generation of the LaRue family, well-known for their high levels of productivity.

The current generation of the family is today represented by three siblings, including Cynthia, who all own their own farms and sometimes blend their coffee's to create new and interesting blends. 

Cynthia's vision and passion for rebuilding the farm after her parents passed away is an inspiring example of the strength of the connection between a farmer and the land on which they were born.